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Taking on The Writing Life

We Are But Human

I've always been a writer of short films and feature scripts which made writing novels seem like the next logical step. My first book, We Are But Human: Short Stories of Werewolves, Animal Instincts and Dormant DNA,  is currently on Amazon in ebook and paperback format. The stories in this book center heavily around human emotion and how we have created barriers for ourselves from what we consider to be more savage instincts. Many of the characters in these stories have to resort to harnessing these instincts in dire situations.

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Upcoming Projects

Many of the stories in my first book actually started as scripts for short films or features. Currently I am in the studio creating the audio book for We Are But Human, as well as beginning the Pre-Production process for Omnivore. As for my film projects we are eagerly awaiting the release of Friends Don't Let Friends coming to VOD this fall from Gravitas Ventures.

My style

I know my years working as a behavioral specialist play a crucial role in how I develop characters that could live and breath in the real world. A character who is ground in reality has always been far more terrifying. Most of my protagonists are strong woman because I find strong woman to be attractive and interesting and vastly overlooked in traditional storytelling. Thankfully the horror genre not only embraces the female lead but also endorsed strong woman fighting unbeatable odds. 

Omnivore is now available


"Just finished 'Omnivore'.Really, really well written. Honestly. I wrote quite a few notes as I read, but after about 60% in I just got lost in the story.Good job, dude."

Mixing Satire with Horror

I have always felt that great horror comes from being relevant in the time in was created. From directors such as George A. Romero(RIP) to John Carpenter. When done correctly it creates an element of realness for the reader that concretes the world for them to enjoy that much more. If you enjoy Omnivore or We Are But Human, please take a moment to give it a review on Amazon. 

Thank you. Jamie

Friends Don't Let Friends

A group of friends come together to cover up a murder in this fast paced supernatural thriller. We'd like to announce that Gravitas Ventures will be handling the VOD distribution in North American with a release expected this fall. More details to follow.

Promised Land - Jesse snider

I was incredibly fortunate to work with Jesse Snider on this video. I was Director of Photography under the direction of John Herzfeld(Two Days in the Valley, 15 Minutes). This shoot was one of the most fun shoots of my career and the talent was off the charts.

Coranzon Inmigrante Mari Nobre

Mari came to me with the idea of creating a political video to show the people who were being demonized as immigrants. Her amazing talent and style gives a voice to so many people. Mari has been one of my long time collaborators with over eight years of video and live events 

Check The Back Seat - VR

The first of our VR projects was a short little horror project that put you in the passenger seat with an unknown gift from a secret admirer. 

360 Crime Scene VR

The second VR short we created put you in the POV of a dead body at a crime scene. 

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